Graduation Project — Then I Woke Up

A space to recall your dreams by reading the dreams
of others. Completely legible in the dark but when the light switches on, the dreams fade away and you're left with
the "flarden".

Graduation Project  Plein 20: Body, Space, Place
Graduation publication made for Master education ArtEZ Academie van Bouwkunst.
Papers used: IBO One & Muskat Brown

Aprons for  t' Pestengasthuys Zwolle

A collection of 4 different aprons loosely based on the seasons and their seasonal vegetables.
Use of different printing techniques.
In collaboration with Nicole Jansen

Typeface based on optical illusions.
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Typeface Simplicity
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Coded book, 2018
In collaboration with Nicole Jansen & Norah Maat


Poster series, 420x594mm
Without the use of design software

Virtual representation of Omelas
Inspired by "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"
by Ursula K. Le Guin.

Tall Grass in the Background
When alienation meets reconciliation within a society

The self-portrait I wasn╩╝t planning on taking
These by software alienated images made at places where the Google Streetview car has not been, create a way to show the behind the scenes and the intended landscape in one shot and thereby give a body to the otherwise unknown photographer.
      This makes the book a collection of self-portraits made at places where we are expected to experience joy by looking at the view.

Animated GIF,  reflects the visability of eating
disorders based on the movie 'To the Bone'.

This is me
Poster, selfportrait, 2016

A True History Full of Romance
Bookdesign, 2016

Thinking in Boxes
, 2017

Organized by 
De Affiche Galerij, the Hague, 2017
Critique on the start of thinking in boxes during
It starts with a name and therefore the future personality of the baby.

Business cards Moo!vanJoke sieraden
With an abstract background from one of her
hand-made jewelry. 

Beautiful Creature

Music video on The Phantom of the Opera's final scene
inspired by the lyrics; "A face which earns a mothers fear and loathing... a mask, my first, unfeeling scrap of clothing.."

Advertisement Fysi-osten

Physical Therapist specialized in
jaw, neck and back injuries.

201 Lines of the Deaf

The incomprehenisbility between two worlds,
the deaf and hearing is big. This is a publication
of the words that helped me to reduce this

Cark Alphabet

Cark is an anagram on the word crack, but Cark also
means: to break down; die. This is the connection
between humans creating cracks in pavements and
the demolishment of our environment by using it.

Circle of Life

Photographs, advertisement
Showing silk-screened second-hand clothes

Voor me eige doesn't exist
Poster, letterpress, 2018

Typeface Chirography 

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And So Forth
A4 size, black ink, 50 golden sheets with unreadable dreams
Inspired by Richard Kostelanetz

Typeface Side-Slide
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Coffee Developed, Analog Photographs
location: Artez Arnhem


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