reflects the visability of eating disorders based on the movie 'To the Bone'


serie posters

420 x 594 mm

made without design software

Thinking in Boxes, 2017

Comment on the start of thinking

in boxes during pregnancies. It starts

with pink and blue and the name and

future personality of the baby.

Competition organized by:

De Affiche Galerij (The Hague)

And So Forth

50 golden a4 sheets printed with black ink

201 Lines of the Deaf

The incomprehenisbility between

two worlds, the deaf and hearing is big.

This is a publication of the words that

helped me to reduce this incomprehensibility.

Coffee Developed

Analog Graphics

Circle of Life

Photographs showing second-hand wore down clothes made lovable again with prints inspired on the circle of life

Advertisement Fysi-Osten 

Physical Therapist

specialized in jaw, neck

and back injuries

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